Safety at DCYC

We take safety very seriously at DCYC.

Safety is paramount to our Club. With this in mind, the Club has taken several measures

to insure the safety of our members and guests. 

Our Docks

Our new docks are our pride and joy. In addition to being sturdy and awfully good looking, they include the following safety features: 

Emergency ladders on the ends of fingers, staggered throughout the harbor for best coverage 
Life rings with throw lines, positioned on the main walkway and aligned with emergency ladders on adjacent finger
Automatic lights at the head of each dock and down the main walkways
Fire extinguishers at the head of each of the docks and along the dock main walkway
Each electrical outlet at the boxes on the main walkways is of GFCI type (ground fault circuit interrupter) to eliminate stray currents
All electrical connections, outlets, breakers, etc meet electrical code standard 2017 NFPA 70.555 for Marinas
Please note that there is no recreational swimming allowed in the harbor and this is noted by multiple signs

Our Pool

Children under 14 years of age are not allowed in the pool unless supervised by an adult or lifeguard.
Glass containers are not allowed around pool or patio area.
No running in the pool area.

When you are at the pool, make note of the safety equipment available in the event of an emergency:

An emergency phone to contact 911
Rescue pole and hook
Throwable Life RingPool access gates are to be kept closed at all times

Our Pets

All pets must be kept on a leash and under their handler’s control at all times while on DCYC property. Note that any damage caused by a pet is the responsibility of the owner. The Club established the rules regarding pets to protect both our members and our pets. Please take these rules to heart. 

Our Clubhouse

FIRST AID KIT: Our first aid kits are located in the lower, left hand cabinet of the bar in the first story of the clubhouse. The contents of the kits are listed on or under the lids.

AED: In the event of a cardiac event, the AED device can be deployed immediately. The device is hanging on the west wall of the downstairs clubhouse next to the door. (The battery to the AED was replaced in late 2017 by Dr. Hoppenstein.)

No open fires can be constructed within two-hundred feet of the clubhouse. (For some historical perspective on this rule, click here.) 

Our Sailors & Boaters

We urge you to wear adequate sun protection while at the club and on the water. Texas experiences moderate to extreme UV much of the year, so it is imperative that you protect your skin. Apply sunscreen and reapply throughout the day.  

Every year, dozens of people die in Texas lakes. DCYC urges you to embrace all water safety standards, including wearing your life vest.

Our Wildlife

Respecting our natural environment is key to our safety at DCYC. 

The overwhelming majority of snakebites occur when people are either attempting to kill snakes or handling snakes after they are assumed to be dead. 

For your protection, if you encounter a snake, simply back away from it slowly. 
IF YOU ARE BITTEN BY A SNAKE: Snake bite victims should be taken to the closest area ER where antivenin can be administered. Attempt to remember (or photograph) the snake's image for later identification. Do not incise the snake's puncture wounds or place a tourniquet on the bitten extremity.

The majority of snakes in our Texas lakes are NON-VENOMOUS water snakes. We do occasionally encounter some cotton mouths (also known as water moccasins) and copper heads. In all instances, the safest response is to walk away. 

If you encounter a snake that you feel might be a threat, please contact our Harbor Master.