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History:  NACrA Southwest Regional Championship

By Randall Massey, 2017

Once again DCYC members opened their arms to the outside sailing world in mid/late 1980s to host the NACRA Catamarans Southwest Regional Championship. These boats came from all over and some were so wide they had to be trailered on the diagonal to avoid width restrictions. The now famous Bob Lehn was the PRO. I joined a group of Race Committee folk many of which have left DCYC or moved on to a higher plan. Bob barked out the orders to the Race committee with clarity that any Marine Drill Sargent would be proud of!!! I remember the last order, the race committee was not allowed to drink adult beverages. My boat was full of Beer with two distilled water bottles in case the batteries ran low. 

The crew on GUSTO was me, Jim Dyer and Gene Malone. Jim was an active guy that could easily be heard the length of the Lewisville Dam when mildly agitated. Gene, on the other hand never changed his expressing for the last 35 years I have known him. Correction, Gene smiled once, and I don’t remember if it was at a Wedding, a Funeral, or just Gas. 

Jim and I shoved off and went to Dock 6 to get Gene. Gene immediately opened a beer, one of the two he drank before we cleared the Breakwater. One rule down and plenty to go! 

Gusto, our boat, set the pin. Jim and I were setting a tight line just to see how maneuverable these machines were. Of course, Bob was telling us to stretch the line and quit encouraging a pin end port start. Right before the first start, Jim pointed down below, smoke everywhere. I went down and found a fan shorted out, burning wire and ripped them out of the wall. Fire extinguished with a little burn on my hands. No problem, I was already on an adult beverage IV Drip!! Nothing like medicating from the inside out.

The race day moved along pretty fast and then during the last sequence the wind shift to port favored, just what we were waiting for. Sure enough one brave soul went for a port start. He ducked the first few but took the transom off both pontoons of the next boats. That boat didn’t sink in 5 seconds, but it did sink in under 10 seconds. Mast sticking up out of the water, they drug it to shore and put it on the trailer for repair and the next stop.

Don’t remember if we raced two days or not, but I did remember another good time had by all at DCYC. Cheers.

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