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History:  Merger with Yacht Harbor Sailing Club

Merger of Yacht Harbor Sailing Club with DCYC

by Richard Leavitt
Revised in 2016 by Richard Leavitt
In the 1960s, the Pier 121 Marina on the southeast part of Lake Lewisville was known as Yacht Harbor. There was a sailing (mostly racing) club in that marina known as Yacht Harbor Sailing Club (YHSC). The yacht club members rented their sailboat slips. The three docks with slips for sailboats were way back up in the harbor. The majority of the slips in the marina were covered slips for power boats. There were few amenities. Water and electricity were spotty, and the nearest port-o-potty was a considerable hike away. The only boat lift was a metal frame on railroad tracks, and you paid the marina to pull your boat.
The good part was that the dues for the sailing club were only $50 per year. But there was no club house, no pool, no committee boat; Committee duty was passed around to the various sailboats, and flags were hoisted on the foredeck of the “committee boat of the day”. YHSC had 84 members in 1976, and everybody raced, as there was not much other reason to belong to this club. It was normal to have three racing starts on a Sunday afternoon, each class starting 12 to 15 boats. Yacht Harbor always set their series race courses in front of the dam in the
“new” lake, and DCYC raced in the “old” lake in front of the club house. Occasionally some boats from DCYC would sail down and join the Yacht Harbor group in their race series. A new rapport was slowly formed between the two clubs.
Yacht Harbor Marina sold in 1976, and was renamed Pier 121. Yacht Harbor Sailing Club officers talked to the new management of Pier 121, but it was apparent that they were not interested in improving the sailboat docks and slips. Meanwhile, things were slow at DCYC.
A few months later the officers of DCYC contacted the Commodore of YHSC and proposed a merger, with YHSC moving north. Plans were drawn, meetings were held, and votes were taken. Sixty-three of the eighty-four members at YHSC voted to move to DCYC. The Yacht Harbor treasury would go to benefit the auxiliary fleet and racing. It would
require adding 24 new slips (6 new on the outboard ends of 4 existing docks) plus some work on existing slips. A drawing was held to determine who got which new slip. All of the work was performed by the members except for the welding.
The new owners of Pier 121 complained loudly to the Corps of Engineers about the money they would lose, but they had lost their opportunity. DCYCs new lease with the Corps was to specify how many slips we were
to be allowed, based upon existing slips, plus the new ones we were building, plus existing moorings were to be counted as slips! I believe that a few new moorings may have suddenly appeared in the harbor just before the count was made.
Once the drawings were held and work was under way, the excitement grew. Sailors came to help, to see their new slip and to see where was the water hose, the electricity plug, the mooring lines, the view from their dock. When moving day finally arrived, there was literally a parade of sailboats going from YHSC to their new home at DCYC.
The merger has worked very well. It not only brought some financial relief, but most importantly, a great increase in sailing activity at DCYC. But age affects everything. It’s now forty years since the merger, and only three people are left that made the move. David Patterson for one was already a member of both clubs. John Finks and Dick Leavitt also survived the move.

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