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FAQ: Bylaw Proposal 2020-01, Removing Non-Resident Membership

12 Nov 2020 9:13 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

For the upcoming Annual Membership meeting, I have been asked the following questions many times over the past week:

Q:  How many Non-Resident members do we presently have?
A:  We currently have two (2) Non-Resident members.  The BOG granted them Non-Resident status in 2019.

Q:  How many store boats at DCYC in slips or dry storage?
A:  One of our Non-Resident members has no assets at the club, the other Non-Resident member has one (1) Dry Storage Space and one (1) trailer in the bone yard.  He pays full price for these services.

Q:  Have you ever seen a Non-Resident?
A:  Our Non-Resident members visit the club, on average, about five times per year.

Q:  How much revenue are we losing if those Non-Resident members don't return as Resident members?
A:  Currently, we would lose roughly $1,850 per year.

Q:  If a Non-Resident member converted to Resident member and the primary argument is that it prevents other Resident members from utilizing the facilities, how will that affect the annual meeting quorum if we know they may not participate?
A:  Barely noticeable, since it only increases the total by two.

Q:  Were any other alternatives discussed such as adding a facilities use type fee if they are utilizing slips rather than just eliminating their presence?
A:  Not really.  Non-Resident members pay the same fee as Resident members for Slips, Rental Slips, and Dry Storage spaces.

Q:  As Commodore, Where do you stand on the proposal to eliminate the Non-Resident Member class, are you for or against?
A:   Definitely against the elimination of the Non-Resident class.  Non-Resident members must first have been a long-time Resident member of DCYC and then be approved by the BOG when they have moved away from the DFW area.  That implies they stayed current in their billing and provided value to DCYC over the years as someone who donated their time or resources to DCYC's benefit.  One of our Non-Resident members is a former Commodore AND Treasurer!  Why would you want to forfeit that experience and contribution to our club?  The overall benefit of eliminating the Non-Resident class is making one (1) dry storage space available to a Resident or Life member.  Seems like it would be far more beneficial to just create some additional dry storage spaces, if that is what we are trying to solve for.

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