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Al Schlitz Regatta

Origins Of The Al Schlitz Beer Can Regatta

"The first Commodore of YHSC had been Al Schmidt, and we brought the Al Schmidt Regatta with us when we moved to DCYC.  It was later renamed the Terlingua Regatta.  In 1980 we had the second of two serious droughts in a row, and the lake dried up to the point that the DCYC harbor was totally dry, the boats sat trapped in the dried mud, and the weeds were 3’ high.  Our greatest fear was grass fire, which could have wiped out a hundred boats.  The shoreline was about 100 yards south of the breakwater.

That year I was editor of the Hailer, and as model building has always been a hobby of mine, I inaugurated the “Al Schlitz Regatta” and pushed it in the Hailer.  Obviously a play on the Al Schmidt Regatta, and named for the 12 beer cans used to make the swimming pool size sailboat.  The boats were called “12 liter class” boats."

(from "Remembering DCYC" by Richard Leavitt)

Recent Winners

  • 2010       Julia Utz
  • 2011       Julia Utz
  • 2012       Jessica Utz
  • 2013       Jay Hoppenstein
  • 2014       Thomas Hinton (youth) / Dave Shearen (adult) 
  • 2015       Enzo Dao
  • 2016       [unknown]
  • 2017       Peter Kaldawi (youth) / Suzanne Glorioso (adult) 
  • 2018       Jason Bogdon (youth) / Heather Ashey (adult)

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