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DCYC Youth Sailing Program operated four summer sailing camps during June and July 2021. These popular programs were each quickly sold-out; camp size was typically eight young, beginner sailors. We did have a few experienced children participate. 

Check this webpage in 2022 for information about the next sailing camp series.

Dallas Corinthian Yacht Club is located on the north end of Lewisville Lake in Oak Point, TX. DCYC is a not-for-profit, member owned, volunteer-driven sailing organization.

DCYC Youth Sailing is available to DCYC members and  may be available to non-members by  registration and invitation through its youth sailing webpages.  This website and the Youth Sailing Principal Coach will help parents decide if enrollment of their child in a program is suitable. 

Please note that DCYC is not a public parks and recreation dept., not a boat rental facility, not a commercial marina. Parents may find it to be a fine, wonderous setting and an opportunity to have young sailors and beginners enjoy  the sport of sailing.

Each season DCYC Youth Sailing Program endeavors to conduct four summer sailing camps scheduled during June and July. Camp sessions operate Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. 

The children sail solo in DCYC's kid-friendly boats such as Optimist pram and RS Tera. Sometimes we provide use of a slightly larger boat, the O'Pen Skiff (f.k.a. Bic) Often we do group sails on a larger centerboard boat or a medium-size keelboat.


Every Child Must Wear a Helmet While Sailing!

DCYC Youth Sailing Program wants your child to have a safe experience and while bumps on the head are not frequent  it may happen during sailing if a child’s head is unintentionally raised above the level of a boat’s boom, for example.  Parents could consider trying a well  fitting child’s bike helmet or the like.  

DCYC Youth Sailing Program feels really strongly and requires that you should not send your child to a youth sailing program without a helmet.  - Coach Ed 

Youth sailor learning to sail with the smaller "RAD" Optimist sail rig. Notice his good sailing form and the helmet he's wearing.

Come sail on the scenic, uncrowded lake at DCYC in Oak Point, Texas. We're located on the north end of Lake Lewisville - away from the crowded marinas  and noisy motorboats. Our spacious grounds, refreshing pool, and protected harbor afford a fine venue and opportunity to enjoy a wondrous sailing adventure.

The program focuses on developing or improving basic sailing skills which are taught in smaller kid-friendly sailboats- primarily the Optimist pram.  The young sailors will learn the basics of rigging and sailing in straight lines on and off the wind; capsize recovery; identifying points of sail, wind direction and sail trim.

Some older, larger- sized children  may not be suitable for the smaller youth sailing boats;  however, if they have proven, verified sailing skills we may be able to permit use of our larger boats - Laser  4.7 or Laser Radial, a performance sailboat for one person. The principal sailing coach will help the parent decide and will make the final decision of acceptance for camp/class.

On the water safety is the top priority and practiced at all times; care and proper use of boats and equipment is taught.

Knot tying is demonstrated & practiced.

Each Youth Sailor Must Pass DCYC's Basic Swim Skills Assessment in our Pool (Details Here)

Each Youth Sailor must provide his/her own PFD & helmet  and must  wear both  while sailing.  

DCYC provides sailboats for its camps and classes. 

Summer Sailing Camps during June & July

Sailing in the DCYC Harbor -  Saturday Sailing Classes

Summer Sailing Camp on a light air morning sail.

New, 2021 RS Tera Youth Sailboats (photo below)  have  arrived at DCYC (4/29/21)

Ed Henkel, Youth Sailing Coach  kw1720cc@gmail.com

John Pherson, Youth Sailing Coach pherson1@gmail.com

DCYC  Youth  Sailing  Program is committed to try to maintain  an  active  youth program in 2021, while hoping that  the Covid-19  Pandemic conditions continue to become more favorable. 

We have operated our spring, Saturdays basic sailing classes program and  all four of our summer sailing camps so far in 2021.

We suggest that you check our Youth Sailing web pages periodically for updates. (Web page updated:  24July  2021)


Spring  Saturday Sailing Classes for 2021 Were Successful. Six Sailors Were Sailing with DCYC Youth Sailing Program. Four Were Beginners.

Check back in 2022 for our next Spring Saturday Sailing Classes Program.

Sailing Classes Curriculum  (Basic/Beginner)


Fall 2021 Intermediate Regatta Prep. Sailing Class. 

Stay tuned for information on our Fall 2021 (September) Youth Intermediate/Advanced, Regatta Prep Classes offering to get race ready for the Pirates of the Corinthian Regatta in October 2021. This is not a basic sailing lessons class. Pre-qualification required.  Only those children with proven, verified sailing skills are eligible. Class focus is  on racing.  Principal regatta sailboat (for this class) is the Optimist pram.  Class size limited to 3- 5 sailors. Availability priority is to youth sailors whom have been in our prior programs.


Optimist Prams at the Starting Line in Green Fleet at Pirates Regatta 

Pirates of the Corinthian Regatta October 9-10, 2021

This is a major youth sailing event. Youth sailors with verified, acceptable  sailing skills may be able to enter and compete. Contact DCYC Youth Sailing Coach, Ed, to discuss possibilities for your youth sailor.

Coach Ed :    kw 1720cc@gmail.com

The annual DCYC Pirates of the Corinthian Youth Regatta, sponsored by DCYC and under the auspices of the Texas Sailing Association, is scheduled for October 9-10, 2021.  Our Youth Sailing Program expects to have several youth sailors compete using DCYC's Optimists. Our Sailing Coach determines if a youth sailor is ready to successfully race.  We hope to have tune-up, regatta preparation classes in September 2021 for qualified sailors. Contact DCYC's Sailing Coach, Ed,  for inquiries.

The Optimist Green Fleet is a fine opportunity for sailors with proven sailing & boat handling skills to race. The Red, White, or Blue Fleets are for age-specified experienced racers.  (4/27/21)

DCYC Youth Sailing Fleet for 2021  (click here for details)

Spring Sailing Class Sailors (above)

Summer Sailing Camp on-the-Lake (below)

Six Sailing Campers and Coach just getting underway for a smaller (22') keelboat training sail. We raised the jib shortly after departing the dock. Each camper had two opportunities to take the helm during our two hour lake sail. (below)

Group sail w/ Coach Ed aboard Precision 15 in 2021. Each young sailor practices steering and trimming the sails. (below)

To Helmet or not to Helmet?

DCYC Youth Sailing Program wants your child to have a safe experience and while bumps on the head are rare it may happen during sailing if a child’s head is unintentionally raised above the level of a boat’s boom, for example. When I started sailing decades ago nobody wore helmets; today we are seeing them more. I wouldn’t want you to go out right away and spend big bucks on a sport specific helmet (until you're ready), but you might consider trying a well fitting child’s bike helmet or the like.  It’s your choice, but I think it makes good sense to give it a try. - Coach Ed  

39 photo(s) Updated on: 24 Jul 2021
  • Sailing Camper takes a turn at the wheel on big boat cruise day
  • Learning to steer a 32' keelboat on the last afternoon of a summer camp session is always a big hit with the campers
  • Sometimes a parent will join the sailing camp big boat cruise with his child. These are happy campers.
  • Young camper playfully checks out a coach's full rig Laser during one of our sailing camp sessions.
  • Experienced summer camp sailor aboard RS Tera
  • Summer Sailing Camp 2021 with young skipper sailing Optimist pram.
  • Happy Sailing Campers riding in chase boat in DCYC harbor.
  • Beginner sailor learning to sail Optimist pram.
  • Learning to sail during 2021 summer sailing camp at DCYC
  • Beginner sailor has just sailed away form dock and is practicing skills learned during a summer sailing camp in 2021
  • Optimist pram with beginner sailor 2021
  • This young lady is well-posited aboard her sailboat during a DCYC summer sailing camp trainig exercise. After sailing out into harbor she manages to tack the vessel well and adroitly handles the boat
  • RS Tera with a reefed mainsail makes easier and safer sailing for this beginner sailor at sailing camp. It was fairly windy this day once the skipper reached the more open harbor area.
  • Leaving the dock properly is part of the skills the sailing campers must learn. This eight year old has things well in hand as he makes an adjustment to his mainsheet before proceeding out to harbor.
  • These happy campers were helping Coach while dock landings were practiced by the other campers n their sailboats.
  • One of DCYC's volunteer sailing coaches assists a young sailor prepare his boat. Motorized safety chase boat in background.
  • Sailing Camper Mom during June 2021 Camp
  • June 2021 Sailing Campers and a mom during big boat sail day
  • Sailing Camper June 2021 on Big Boat Sail Day
  • Coach John and the Summer Sailing Camp Sailors during model boat regatta.
  • With the breezes picking up this young sailor gets in some "time on the tiller" practice with classmates and Coach.
  • Basic Sailing Class on a fine day in the open lake waters near DCYC.
  • DCYC Saturday morning Spring Basic Sailing Class. One sailor aboard the RS Tera and four aboard the Precision 15 with the Coach.
  • Saturday Sailing Class for Beginners. Each young sailor practiced steering at the tiller and trimming the jib sheets.
  • RS Tera on a very breezy Saturday morning- Spring 2021
  • Spring 2021 Saturday Sailing Class
  • First Solo Sail during Spring 2021 Saturday Sailing Class
  • Happy Beginner Sailor- Spring 2021
  • Sailing Class Staff Out for a Sail aboard Club 420 - Spring 2021
  • Summer Sailing Camp pool time. Notice the spacious DCYC grounds and scenic views beyond the pool.
  • DCYC Members, David and Dagny arranged an environmentally safe water balloon fight on the clubhouse lawn during summer camp.
  • A little friendly competition during June 2020 Mini-Class.
  • Pool Time at Summer Camp
  • Sailing Camp Sailors Getting Underway as Coach's Chase Boat Coaches

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