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John Harris Memorial Award

Skipper of the Year Award

John Harris was an avid yachtsman who thoroughly enjoyed every minute on the water. John was a 25-year member of the Power Squadron, tireless race committee volunteer, and energetic racer who constantly contributed his time to DCYC. Many members know John as “The Father of Our Jib Crane”, not only for initial involvement, but for his persistence in its proper use and maintenance. This award is presented to the Best Overall skipper of each fleet, encompassing sportsmanship, participation, performance and spirit. The recipient is selected by the Fleet Captain.  

1992   Jim Kitchens, Non-Spinnaker Fleet  /  Tim Kraft, Spinnaker Fleet

1995    Ron Seward, Non-Spinnaker Fleet  /  Tim Kraft, Spinnaker Fleet

1998   Jeff Mason, Non-Spinnaker Fleet  /  Lee Henry, Spinnaker Fleet

2001    David Patterson, Spinnaker Fleet  /  Jim Hancock, Non-Spinnaker Fleet

2003    Linda Hicks, Non-Spinnaker Fleet  /  Will Bratt, Spinnaker Fleet

2004    Mike Ewald

2005   Mike Ewall  /  Frank Cerralvo

2006   Frank Cerralvo

2007  Jay Hoppenstein  /  Jack Branch

2008   Will Braat, A Fleet  /  Frank Cerralvo, B Fleet

2009   Dan Wolf, A Fleet  /  Frank Cerralvo, B Fleet

2010   David Patterson, A Fleet  /  Frank Heidlberger, B Fleet

2009    Dan Wolf, A Fleet  /  Frank Cerralvo, B Fleet

2010    David Patterson, A Fleet  /  Frank Heidlberger, B Fleet

2011    David Patterson, A Fleet  /  Richard Peters, B Fleet

2012    David Patterson, A Fleet  /  Richard Peters, B Fleet

2013    Jay Hoppenstein, A Fleet  /  Steve Utz, B Fleet

2014     Matt Harden, A Fleet  /  Jim Ryon, B Fleet

2015    Ramon Torres, A Fleet  / Bill & Heather Fahle, B Fleet

2016    Tim Kraft, A Fleet  /  Jim & Maria Dolores Ryon

2017     Peter Brigaitis, A Fleet   / Dick Peters, B Fleet

2018    Jay Hoppenstein, A Fleet  /  Nels Hogberg, B Fleet

2019   Paul Bell

2020   ?

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